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15 Houses

Educational Bursary Foundation

Creating a better life for yourself, growing as an individual and receiving an education shouldn't be limited by your ability to pay for it. 

15 Houses is an educational bursary fund that is available for any young Canadian adult between 18-25 years old who is currently in or aged out of the Foster Care system. This can be used for certifications, trade school, university or college and will be awarded on an application basis based on eligibility requirements.


Joanne was 7 years old when she went into the system, was made a Crown ward at 10 and was bounced around from home to home until she turned 17 and left for college. Her dedication to bettering herself meant working three jobs through high school to save money for my education and, at the end of the day, that still wasn't enough. With the help of bursaries, scholarships and OSAP, she was able to attend post secondary education and become the person she is today. 

Approximately 44% of Canadian young adults in care (in Ontario) graduate from high school, let alone move onto post secondary. There are a multitude of reasons for that, however the goal for ISH Nutrition is to not allow the financial road blocks be one of them. 

ISH Nutrition pledges a percentage of its fiscal year revenue (services and merchandise sales) to the 15 Houses foundation. 

Joanne is available for speaking engagements with fees being donated to the foundations. 

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