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When you create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, you establish a path that continues on long after 'fads' and trends fade.
That is where I come in.

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About Me

Joanne Fearns is the creator of ISH Nutrition, a holistic practice and company founded on creating sustainable and ‘healthy-ISH’ lifestyles with her clients. Her goal is to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and accepted so that they can become and embrace their most authentic, healthy self.  

She has over 15 years of experience in the holistic field, starting as a cleaner and bagger at a Lyn-Dys Health Food store in London, Ontario. Over the years she has completed and accumulated numerous courses/classes/webinars and certificate programs. She has attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, receiving her certification from Alive Academy Nutrition, Applied Live Blood Cell Microscopy from the Eddison Institute and is finishing her Integrative Nutrition Certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


She is also the founder of 15 Houses, an educational bursary foundation that provides financial assistance to youth in Foster Care for post secondary education. As a former Foster kid and Crown Ward herself, Joanne knows and understands on a personal level the importance of community support that is required for youth in the system to create the life that they want, not the life that was given to them. 


She is an active member of our community, serving as a community representative with the Children’s Aid Society, and volunteering with several community services. She actively supports and participates in events that promote equality, diversity, acceptance, social change and social justice. This is important to who she is, as well as what her practice, ISH Nutrition stands for. 

Joanne's goal in practice is to create the best version of "Healthy-ISH" her clients are looking to achieve, whatever that may look like to them. Her belief is that it is the practitioners requirement to meet the client where *they* are, not to create an environment of unrealistic goals for them to attempt to achieve to bring them up to their 'level'

If you are looking to have this type of relationship for your health journey, reach out today! 

ISH Nutrition, where everyone is Healthy-ISH.

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112 Russell Street, North

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

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