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Trauma Health Coaching

Hi, I'm Joanne, your friendly neighborhood Trauma & Nutrition Health Coach.

When I say that I am uniquely qualified to help you in your healing journey, I don't just mean my over 15 years of work and volunteer experience, education, credentials, awards, and client list. I also mean that I have the lived experience and passion to sit with you, hold space and move through the trauma that has been impacting your health.

What do I mean by that? I mean that we all have moments that have shaped who and why we are the way we are, including the type of work that we do. We all have moments where something has happened to create toxic habits, belief systems and the relationships with others and self that we have.

When we hold space for those moments, we are able to understand how they may consciously or unconsciously be effecting the way we live our lives or the self sabotaging habits. By bringing it to the surface, we hold space for growth and healing.

This is where we merge Trauma & Nutrition, we look at the whole picture and build up the person you want to see when you look in the mirror, the person that makes you feel proud and loved.

As you can see, trauma and healing isn't just my career, it’s my passion and purpose. I will be your advocate and supporter through your healing journey.

When you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Laughing at some behind the scenes content

Our Services

Are you ready?

Anytime we are making changes to the life that we are may not be comfortable with, but are familiar with, it can create a state of unreadiness or doubt. 

If you are unsure,  I would love to chat with you! Let's make sure we connect, are on the same page and provide you with the best sessions that if your needs. Click the link below to book your discovery call today!

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