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Trauma Health Coaching

Your healing journey will not follow a linear path and it may not be a pleasant experience. In fact, my own personal journey has its fair share of challenges., that is precisely what makes it so rewarding - pushing through discomfort to achieve something amazing.


Apologies that sounded cliche; allow me to rephrase.


My name is Joanne and in my healing journey, I have personally struggled with issues such as insecurity, abandonment, self abandonment, low self confidence and an unhealthy dependence on external validation. This was coupled with depression and addiction. Because of this my health suffered. I was at an uncomfortable weight, not sleeping and having some not so great digestive issues. NOT a good time, but it has shaped who I am today.


Then came what I affectionately call, my catalyst moment, a pivotal event that shattered my walls and set me on a path towards self love, self acceptance and personal growth.


When I say that I will hold space for you, I mean that I will accompany you through the difficulties and help you find a new direction towards where you truly deserve to be. I want to assist you in finding the freedom to create a life that you truly love, rather than simply going through the motions.


Please take a look at the I offer below and if any resonate with you don't hesitate to reach out. Together we can navigate this journey


Our Services

Are you ready?

Anytime we are making changes to the life that we are may not be comfortable with, but are familiar with, it can create a state of unreadiness or doubt. 

If you are unsure,  I would love to chat with you! Let's make sure we connect, are on the same page and provide you with the best sessions that if your needs. Click the link below to book your discovery call today!

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