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Wellness & Nutrition Packages

Your healing journey isn't going to be linear and it isn't going to be a good time- heck mine sure hasn't been. However, that has been the best part of it- going through the uncomfortable to get to the amazing.

Okay, that sounded hokey so let me try again. 

My name is Joanne and my past had bred a life of: insecurity, abandonment issues, self abandonment, poor self confidence, value that only depended on external evaluations, depression, and addiction.

Sounds fun right?

I spent a good portion of my life never feeling like I was good enough for anything, not even daring to dream that I could be more than I was told to be. Then I had what I affectionally like to call my "Catalyst Moment" The moment that broke down all my walls and started me on this journey to self love, self acceptance and being self-ISH. When I say that I will hold space for who you are and where you are at at the moment you need, I mean I will walk with you through the rubble to find the new path that will carry you to where you deserve to be on. I want to help you find freedom in being self-ISH. Take a peek below at my offerings and when something resonates with you, reach out and lets navigate this together.


Our Services

Are you ready?

Anytime we are making changes to the life that we are may not be comfortable with, but are familiar with, it can create a state of unreadiness or doubt. 

Honestly, I get it.

Before you book your future appointment I would love to chat with you. Let's make sure we connect, are on the same page and provide you with the best sessions that if your needs. Click the link below to book your discovery call today!

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